Wreath Sales

Troop 23 launched their 2018 Wreath Sales fundraiser on Monday, September 10th.

All Orders Due by October 29th!!!

Monday, October 29th, the night of the Halloween Party, is the last day to turn in your wreath orders. After this date, it is unlikely that you will be able to order more wreaths. The Troop orders extras, but they can go quickly, so please turn in your orders in a timely fashion.

Wreath Pick-Up

Friday, November 16th from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm and Saturday, November 17th from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Dupage Tech Center, 100 Bridge Street, Door #4, Wheaton, IL 60187. This is the Friday and Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving. If the scout cannot pick up his wreaths during these times, he MUST arrange for someone else to do so.

As soon as you get your wreaths home, count and recount your wreaths and check each wreath for quality issues before you begin deliveries.

Bad Wreaths

Bad wreaths should be exchanged at the Troop meeting on Monday, November 19th.

Wreath Care

It is very important to keep the wreaths off concrete and asphalt and out of the sun. Water the wreaths daily, including the planters, which should be watered just like a plant. The wreaths are live greens and love water.


Record all sales on the 3-part 2018 Wreath Sales Slip. Do not record orders on the back of the colored Wreath Brochure. Sales Slips MUST be turned in at the beginning of each Monday night Troop meeting. Make sure all Sales Slips have your customer’s name and address, your name, the items ordered and payments clearly indicated. Give the pink copy to your customer when the order is placed. Turn in ONLY the white copy. Keep the yellow copy for yourself, so you know who to deliver to later.

When you turn in your Sales Slips, also fill out and turn in the 2018 Wreath Weekly Order Sheet (both the white and yellow copy) to officially order your wreaths from the Troop. Don’t forget to sign it.

For reference, see the 2018 Wreath Sales Form Examples.

Direct Ship

The Sales Slip is meant to capture information about the purchaser, who is usually NOT the same as the recipient for Direct Ship orders. Please use the form on the back of the 2018 Direct Ship Brochure to capture delivery information for your Direct Ship orders. The Direct Ship Form is used by the wreath provider to print their shipping labels, so please print clearly. In the Group field, please specify “Troop 23” and the scout’s name and patrol. All Direct Ship orders will start shipping the first Monday after Thanksgiving.


Checks should be made out to “BSA Troop 23”. Write the scout’s name in the memo section of every check received. All cash and checks collected MUST be turned in as soon as possible at the beginning of each Monday night Troop meeting. No coins will be accepted. The deadline to turn in money is the beginning of the Monday night meeting on December 10th.

Extra Wreaths

The troop buys a small number of extra wreaths each year. These extras are available to be sold by scouts, while supplies last, until December 10th. After the Bad Wreath exchange on November 19th, the list of available extra product will be regularly distributed to the Scout Parents email list. The usual paper work (Sales Slips and Order Sheet) is required when ordering from the extras.

Earnings Calculation

Every scout is expected to sell a minimum of $400 in wreaths. The first $400 in wreath sales cover the scout’s $200 program cost. Scouts who sell under $400 will only cover part of their program
cost and will be required to pay the difference out of pocket. Scouts who exceed the minimum sales goal will be able to pay all or part of their annual Scouting costs, thereby being “thrifty” and minimizing the out-of-pocket costs to their families. Earnings for sales (including donations) above $400 are:
  • Bronze Level ($401-$800): Scout earns 35% on sales beyond $400
  • Silver Level ($801-$1200): Scout earns 37% on sales beyond $400
  • Gold Level ($1201-$2500): Scout earns 40% on sales beyond $400
  • Platinum Level ($2501+): Scout earns 45% on sales beyond $400

Popcorn sales DO NOT count towards the minimum sales goal or towards bronze/silver/gold/platinum status. Scouts earn a flat 29% commission on popcorn sales.

Documents, Forms and Spreadsheets


Please send email to wreaths.t23@troopmaster.email if you require assistance.

Selling Wreaths – Some Helpful Tips

Door to Door

  • Always wear your full Class A uniform.
  • Knock on as many doors as time allows. Don’t get discouraged. Keep knocking.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Tell them you are selling wreaths and popcorn for you to go to Summer Camp, and to help Troop 23 run scouting activities and buy equipment.
  • Tell them delivery will occur November 17th thru December 2nd.
  • Show them the pictures of the different sized wreaths.
  • Fill out sales slip completely. Give pink copy to customer.
  • Try to have the customer pay in full when ordering. You won’t have to remember collect later and you can drop off their order even if they aren’t home.
  • Carry a small manila envelope for your completed sales slips and collected money.
  • Bring small bills with you to make change.
  • Be courteous and polite. Thank them, even if there is no sale.

Phone Sales

  • Introduce yourself and tell them why you are calling (see above).
  • If it’s a customer from last year, remind them what they previously bought from you or another Troop 23 Scout.
  • Tell from where you got their name, if appropriate.
  • Tell them delivery will occur November 17th thru December 2nd.
  • Fill out sales slip completely.
  • Be courteous and polite. Thank them, even if there is no sale.


Look over every wreath to make sure it is not defective. Fix minor defects. Affix the bows. DO NOT DELIVER A BAD WREATH!


Small bows go on:

  • 26″ Single Face Balsam Wreath
  • 20″ Noble Fir Mixed Wreath
  • Mixed Door Swag
  • Balsam Candy Cane
  • Balsam Cross

Medium bows go on:

  • 36″ Single Face Balsam Wreath
  • 36″ Double Face Balsam Wreath (one bow for each side)
  • 48″ Single Face Balsam Wreath
  • 36″ Noble Fir Mixed Wreath
  • 48″ Noble Fir Mixed Wreath

Large bows go on:

  • 60″ Single Face Balsam Wreath
  • 72″ Single Face Balsam Wreath