PSR 2014 Skit

Fun times at PSR this year! Watch (part of) the skit performed at the end of week one by our talented scouts.

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US GRANT PILGRIMAGE The campout is April 24-26. All final preparations must happen at Monday’s meeting including submission of equipment lists and menus and payment of the $7 fee.   CAMPOUT REMINDERS Please see the bottom of this email for a list of campout reminders. SWIM TEST With the upcoming Whitewater Rafting campout next month, […]

Matthew Tarizzo’s Eagle Project

Service Hour Opportunity Book Drive – Begins 9:00 AM on Saturday September 28th. Meet at Matthew’s house, 376 W. Arboretum Circle, in Wheaton to collect books from nearby neighborhoods. The book drive will benefit the People’s Resource Center in Wheaton. Please bring your cell phone if you have one. Water will be provided. Lunch will […]

Sea Base

Less than 100 hours till we leave.

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Sea Base

Less than 100 hours till we leave. … [Read More...]

New Scouts

Advancing from Tenderfoot to First Class – By Jacob Anderson

Care of Tents

2014 Dues and Consent Form


Troop Swim

A View From the Tent


The Textile Merit Badge Workshop – By Paul Perrine

On Nov. 2nd a group of scouts (myself included) met in Wheaton to work on and obtain our textile merit badge. It was a fun and interesting day but we got a lot done too. First we talked about various fibers and … [Read More...]

Advancing from Tenderfoot to First Class – By Jacob Anderson

When a scout first starts as a boy scout he is probably thinking, “Wow, I will never get to Eagle”, well that’s not true. Hi, my name is Jacob Anderson and I am a first class scout. The reason I am writing this … [Read More...]


Turkey Run Campout

    Troop Article: Turkey Run campout The weekend of October 18 to the 20th, the Boy Scouts of Troop 23 went to Turkey Run State Park, located in Indiana. It was very cold and sunny at the … [Read More...]

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