Wreath Fundraising 2016

As we kickoff out Scouting year we also start our Wreath Fundraising. You can find all the details HERE!

Hot News – June 13 2016

Quote from last week submitted by Tate Dowell: “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” – Muhammad Ali

For the latest information, follow our Google calendar on the troop website: http://troop23wheaton.org/

6.13 Monday – 7:00 Troop Meeting. 7-8:30 at Northside Park for fun and games. No PLC meeting. Class B event. DEADLINE: Sign off on pre-reqs for summer camp merit badges!

6.19 Sunday – 7 am Summer Camp – All summer camp scouts meet at 7 am @ Wheaton Bowl.

7.7 Thursday – Philmont Crews Depart

8.11 Thursday – 7:30 District Round Table at First Presbyterian

8.16 Tuesday – 7 pm Troop Committee Meeting at First Presbyterian

8.22 Monday – 6 pm Fall Kickoff! At Mallard Lake Forest Preserve. Class B event. Food provided

This is the last Hot News until fall. While Hot News takes a hiatus, remember you can always find information on the troop website (http://troop23wheaton.org/).

Venture Crew Forming

Our Troop is forming a Venture Crew within the troop, for scouts aged 14 to 20. We are initiating this because it will be easier for those scouts who are attending summer camp to participate in a trial pistol safety and shooting program at the camp.  If you are above 14 yoa and going to camp and want to attend this program, I urge you to sign up for our Venture Crew 23.  A new application is needed and you will be “dual registered”  with the troop and crew. Parent signature is required. See Mr. Jeffers for an application form.

This fall we will open the Crew up to both male and female members, and any interested 14 year olds who are presently in scouts, or who are not in scouting.  The crew will have their own activities, and we will be holding an informational and organizational meeting. This will compliment, and not compete, with the present troop program. Interested parents or scouts should talk with Mr. Boyd or Mr. Jeffers.

Odd Job Opportunity

A former scout’s neighbor is looking landscaping help. The project would be digging out around her shed to lay some screening down in attempts to keep animals from being able to dig underneath in the future. She is paying and pays well. Her husband was a great supporter of the troop in the past. If you know of any older boys in the troop or even out of the troop with a good work ethic and some general yard work experience helpful, contact Mr. Poke for more information (kjpoke@gmail.com).

Have a great summer, enjoy Summer Camp, and do a good turn daily!

Philmont arrowhead logo

The Philmont Log – 11/15/2015

Philmont arrowhead logoOn July 7th, 2016 – nearly 8 months from now – Troop 23 is sending two crews to Philmont Scout Ranch in northeastern New Mexico, and our scouts are already preparing for the outing. A trek at Philmont is a difficult endeavor, and going on practice hikes well in advance is vital. I would know. My name is Jacob Hands, and I was on one of the crews our troop sent to Philmont in 2014. To this day, I consider it one of the most challenging things I have done in my Scouting career. I also consider it the most fun I have ever had as a Scout. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not been there yet. I will be writing entries for this Philmont Log over the next few months, giving my tips and tricks to surviving Philmont for the members of the current crews and for those who take on Philmont after us. See you then!


If you have been to Philmont and have your own advice for future hikers, email me at jrhands@gmail.com

Find more information about Philmont on their official website at http://www.scouting.org/philmont.aspx

PSR 2014 Skit

Fun times at PSR this year! Watch (part of) the skit performed at the end of week one by our talented scouts.

Featured News

Hot News – June 13 2016

Quote from last week submitted by Tate Dowell: "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" - Muhammad Ali For the latest … [Read More...]


The Philmont Log – 11/15/2015

A View From the Tent

Devil’s Lake Camp Out Report from James Mareachen​

Our October 2016 camp out was the Devil’s Lake camp out For this camp out we did many exciting things. This camp out by far was one of the best camp outs I have ever gone on. This camp out consisted of multiple … [Read More...]

Silver Springs Campout Recap by Tyler Anderson

On September 16, 2016 Troop 23 embarked on a journey to Silver Springs State Park where they would spend the weekend camping. We arrived at around 9:00 PM and quickly set up camp. The next morning, we woke at … [Read More...]

The Textile Merit Badge Workshop – By Paul Perrine

On Nov. 2nd a group of scouts (myself included) met in Wheaton to work on and obtain our textile merit badge. It was a fun and interesting day but we got a lot done too. First we talked about various fibers and … [Read More...]

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