Troop 23 publishes an Annual Program Planning Calendar and maintains a Google Calendar. Families can subscribe to the online calendar to easily add Troop activities to personal electronic calendars.

For 2020, the Troop adopted a new format that mirrors the Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 School Calendar. It provides information about the year’s troop meetings, special events and important deadlines on one page. To fit everything, abbreviations and shaded boxes are used and the key for interpreting them can be found on the calendar’s lower left corner. We are currently in the process of updating the 2020 Google Calendar and we will report when the Google Calendar data entry for 2020 is complete.

Planning for the calendar began in April at the Annual Planning Conference where youth leaders developed the troop’s vision for programming in the coming year. The calendar was then reviewed and approved by the Troop Committee and Activity Coordinators began work with selected locations to make reservations, complete initial forms, and submit deposits. Troop 23’s Annual Activities typically include:
• Troop Meetings
• Outdoor Programs: Monthly Campouts, Summer Camp, High Adventure Trips and Mini Adventures
• Courts of Honor and Eagle Courts of Honor
• Youth Leadership Training
• Troop Committee Meetings/Adult Leadership Meetings
• Service Projects: Scout Sunday, American Legion Pancake Breakfasts and Annual Spaghetti Dinner
• Order of the Arrow Events
• Special Events and Outings: District Webelos Open House, Memorial Day Parade and Picnic, Overnight Lock-In, Potluck Dinner, and an Indoor Troop Swim/BSA Swim Tests.

Please note that there are some 2020 dates that are tentative and these are marked with a question mark. Most of these dates are where partner organizations have not yet finalized their 2020 plans or where selected venue’s reservation schedules do not allow us to finalize details just yet.

We ask families to remember that our troop is boy-led and that these boys will change their minds. While Scouts may change locations and/or activities, the Troop views the outing dates as fixed so that families can plan around Scouting events with some confidence. Every effort is made to ensure that our communication vehicles reflect the Scouts’ changes; however, there is a delay between the change in direction and the reflection of that change in our online and printed materials. We strongly believe the benefits of allowing Troop 23 to be a truly boy-led, hands-on learning experience far outweigh the temporary confusion that sometimes results from youthful efforts. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Scroll down for the Google Calendar; and, click here to access a ready-to-print calendar:  T23 1-Page Calendar-2020, 2020-02-06