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Attendance & Absences

The troop encourages Scouts to attend as many scheduled activities as possible. Because our schedule is an overall planned program, regular attendance helps to achieve the most from the Scouting. Leaders recognize that Scouts have other commitments and responsibilities and do their best to accommodate these needs in the schedule. Only a Scout with parental counsel, can decide where his allegiance lies and how thin he can spread his available time.

If a Scout knows he cannot attend a particular function, he should contact his patrol leader in advance, so he will not be scheduled for a part of the program. This is particularly true for outings, which require a commitment by the troop for transportation, lodging and food. Once a Scout commits himself to attend, he will be held responsible for his share of any costs involved, whether he attends or not.

One frequent cause of parental concern is schoolwork. Nothing is more important to a young man than a good education, and both parents and Troop Leaders share the same concern. Sometimes parents are inclined to use Scouting privileges as a lever to induce better performance by “grounding” their son for poor grades. Our experience has been that this is counterproductive. Scouting seeks to foster responsibility and maturity. If a Scout isn’t present, Troop Leaders can’t help him recognize the value of an education or of sticking to priorities. If a Scout experiences difficulty in school or any other area, families are encouraged to let the Scoutmaster know; so together they can work out a solution.

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