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Parents are always welcome to ask any Troop Leaders for information; and the troop strives to provide additional sources of information to ensure families have the details they need to support their son’s Scouting efforts and to coordinate Scouting activities with other commitments. As part of the learning process, Scouts themselves are charged with conveying information to their families. It sometimes happens that important information does not make it home, so families are encouraged to periodically check with their Scouts, another Scout parent, or the Scoutmaster regarding coming events. It is difficult to convey every thought and anticipate every question in advance. Troop Leaders hope families will not hesitate to call when any question arises concerning the Scouting program or their Scout’s participation in it.

In addition, adults are asked to support the troop’s boy-led approach by embracing Sir Robert Baden-Powell’s direction “Train Scouts to do a job, then let them do it. Never do anything a boy can do.” If your scout has a question, encourage him to first ask his Patrol Leaders (P.L.). (Scouts should keep contact information for their Patrol Leaders (P.L.s) and Patrol Members in their handbooks. Between meetings, you can contact T23’s Membership/Forms Coordinator to request contact information or you Scout’s Patrol Leader.) If he needs more information, he should then ask the Senior Patrol Leader. If he still has questions, he can then ask his adult Patrol Advisor or any Troop Leader.

Knowing that many of our Scouts are learning to become reliable sources of actionable information, the troop offers the following resources for families to double-check Scout-provided information and/or secure additional details that may not have been included in the information provided by their sons:

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