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Scholarship Opportunities for Summer Camp

Lack of funds should never keep a Scout from attending Summer Camp. The troop has access to a scholarship fund which is administered by the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair. If you know of a family that may need assistance, please suggest they contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair.

First-year Scouts who may not be able to afford summer camp are able to apply for a needs-based scholarship, funded through the Thein Memorial Fund. The application for and awarding of the scholarship is handled by the Troop Committee Chairman. This needs-based scholarship is reserved for first-year Scouts who have not had the opportunity to participate in the wreath fundraiser. The scholarship is for half of the cost of summer camp. This is a one-time scholarship from the troop as the expectation is the Scout will participate in the fundraiser the following year and pay his own way to summer camp.

Older Scouts have the opportunity to apply for a merit-based scholarship for summer camp through the Mademann Fund’s annual essay contest. While this is not a needs-based scholarship, it is another avenue for a Scout to seek assistance with his summer camp fees. A Scout can win this contest once in his Scouting career.

In addition to scholarships provided by the troop, Three Fires Council may offer scholarship or financial assistance opportunities. A family wishing to explore these possible opportunities can contact the Council directly or seek assistance from the Troop Committee in researching these possible scholarships.

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