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Scoutmaster Conferences & Boards of Review

A Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review is listed at the end of rank requirement for six of the seven Boy Scout Ranks. The Scout Rank requires a Scoutmaster Conference; but does not require a Board of Review. The Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review must be completed only after every other requirement for that rank has been signed off. Troop 23 requires all its Scouts to complete a Scoutmaster Conference Board of Review Worksheet before his Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.

Upon completion of the Worksheet, the Scout needs to contact the Scoutmaster to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference. The Scoutmaster Conference can be conducted by the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster and can be scheduled for any time one of those people is available. A Conference does not have to take place during a Scouting event but keep in mind that it must be conducted with the knowledge and in view of other adults and/or youth. The Scoutmaster Conference is an opportunity for the Scoutmaster to get to know the Scout better. The Scoutmaster asks the Scout about his family life, schoolwork, interests, and about his Scouting experience. These are usually done outside of the Monday night meeting and can be done on campouts.

Once a Scout has completed his Scoutmaster Conference, he should get his name on the sign-up sheet for a Board of Review as soon as possible. The Board of Review sign-up sheet is available at the Advancement/Registration Table outside the gym during every troop meeting. A Board of Review is a meeting between three Adult Committee members and the Scout in which they discuss his Scouting experience and determine if he has gained the knowledge needed to be promoted to the next rank. The adults will assemble the Board of Review and find the Scout in the gym when they are ready. If the Board of Review awards the next rank, the Scout will be awarded his new rank at the end of the Troop Meeting or, depending on time, at the following Troop Meeting. Recognition of Scouts advancing in Rank or earning Merit Badges usually takes place during the Senior Patrol Leader’s end-of-meeting announcements and before the closing flags and Scoutmaster Minute.

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