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Summer Camp 2020 Slide Awards

Activities & Interests
Bug Boy
Leo O.

Collin M.

Five-Mile Hikers
Jack B., Theo B., Quinn D., Sam Handy, Alex Jeffrey, Enzo M., Leo O., Corey O. & Daniel Z.

Fun & Games–All About the Bags
Daniel Z.

Fun & Games–Always Ready for Some Football!!
Quinn D., Sam N. & Michael Z.

Fun & Games–Card Sharks
Ryan B., Josh L. & Matt M.

Fun & Games–Paddleball All the Day
Joe M. & Patrick Z.

Outdoor Skills/Scoutcraft
Best Looking Camp Site
Wolverines + 2–Patrol Leader Marc D., Theo B., Sam H., Alex J., Sam N. & Corey O.

Best Cooks
ThundeRangers–Patrol Leader Patrick Z., Ryan B. Jack D., Jacob H., Josh L., Collin M., Matt M., & Leo O.

Top Chef–Scouts
Collin M.

Top Chef–Adults
Mr. Dowell

Theo B., Jacob H., Sam H., Enzo M., Finn M., & Sam N.

No Match
Jacob H. & Sam N.

Triple Crown
Jacob H. & Sam N.

Fastest Fire — Scout-1st Class Scouts
Sam H., winning time: 4:58

Fastest Fire — Star, Life & Eagle Scouts
Sam N., winning time: 3:57

Best Campfire Performance
Fixer Upper Skit — Quinn D., Ben M., Rylan O., Daniel Z. & Mr. Michalak

Best Camp Gadgets
Alex J. & Rylan O.

Top Shots
Leo O.

Rifle — Scout-1st Class Scouts
Enzo M.

Rifle — Star, Life & Eagle Scouts
David B.

Shot Gun
Bryan S.

Camp Fisherman
Jack D.

Most Fish
Quinn D.

Biggest Fish
Collin M.

Special Recognitions
Bag Man
Ben M.

Medicine Man
Michael Z.

Troop Trumpeter
Jack D.

Heart of Scouting Award
Quinn D.

Light of Scouting Award
Jack D.

Excellence in Scouting
Future Senior Patrol Leader
Enzo M.

Most Achievements Completed at Summer Camp — Scout-2nd Class
Finn M.

Most Achievements Completed at Summer Camp — 1st Class & Above
Marc D.

Order of the Arrow–Top Camper
Ben M.

Living the Law
Alex J.

Theo B.

Corey O.

Quinn D.

Dane O.

Aaron R.

Jack B.

Finn M.

Jack D.

Bryan S.

Kevin L.

Andrew K.

Honor Patrol
Magic Whales — Patrol Leader Andrew K., David B., Kevin L., Finn M., Aaron R., & Bryan S.

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