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Adult Involvement–Supporting Your Scout

Parents are encouraged to participate to the extent of their abilities and time available. Troop 23 will provide the opportunity, the facility, and the instructors for advancement. However, Scouts themselves must put forth the necessary initiative and effort to work on requirements and move forward. Parental interest in his work will greatly boost its importance in his eyes, and an occasional reminder or word of encouragement will often assist Scouts in focusing on the challenge.

In addition, there are troop events at which parent representation is encouraged. At a minimum, each family is expected to attend Courts of Honor and the Memorial Day Parade and family picnic. Of course, parents are always welcome to observe at any Troop Meeting, campout or activity and on some occasions are specifically invited to join in the fun. To participate rather than observe, all adults are required to complete Youth Protection Training and provide information to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Here you will find the Troop 23 Requirements of Adult Participants.

Events families should attend will be announced in advance. A campout attendance sign-up sheet for adults is normally posted outside the gym at Troop Meetings. We ask that adults, like the Scouts, provide their plans for participation at least two weeks in advance of the campout.

Families can also support their Scouts by looking ahead to upcoming Scouting events and talking with your son about his participation. Be sure he knows family plans at least two weeks ahead of time so that he can share definitive plans for his participation with his Patrol Leader (P.L.) two weeks in advance. Sometimes Patrol Leaders (P.L.s) need a final count for a campout and Scouts are unable to give a yes or no because Scouts haven’t discussed the dates with their parents.

In addition, families are also encouraged to make transportation arrangements for Scouts prior to monthly campouts. Adults participating in the campout are listed on the whiteboard outside the Troop Meeting. We realize this is not always possible so leaders will do their best to make sure Scouts have rides to and from camp.

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