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Fundraising has been the primary method of financial support for the troop and Scouts’ participation in it. Each Scout is strongly encouraged to fund their Scouting experience entirely by their own efforts in fundraising.

Since 1966, Troop 23 has sold Christmas wreaths and greenery in September and October and then delivered customers’ orders shortly after Thanksgiving. Providing a real-world framework to teach our Scouts to pay their own way, this is the only fundraiser and it gives Scouts and their families an opportunity to cover dues, program fees and additional Scouting expenses through fundraising rather than out-of-pocket. All Scouts are expected to participate in the wreath fundraiser and encouraged to set and reach high sales goals to fund their Scouting experiences. Scouts who do not reach the minimum sales goal pay dues, program fees and all other Scouting-related expenses out of pocket.

Scouts can cover the entire Annual Program Fee by reaching the minimum sales goal specified at the start of each year’s sales. In recent years, the goal has been $400. A Scout entering the program after the end of a fundraising season is not subject to the program fee for that Scouting year.

More importantly, Scouts who exceed the sales goal keep a percentage of their sales in their individual Scout Accounts. The portion of the troop fundraising allocated to a Scout’s account (his “commission”) is in direct relation to their contribution to the overall troop fundraising effort. Motivated Scouts can raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars which they can use to pay for Summer Camp, monthly camping expenses, uniform items, personal equipment purchases, advancement materials, etc.

Scouts may also sell popcorn as an alternative to Christmas wreaths, but the profit to the troop and to the Scout is less than selling Christmas wreaths. During a Troop Meeting early in the school year, Scouts are provided the tools to understand what is required to fund their Scouting experience and what efforts they must contribute to fundraising in order to accomplish that goal. Scouts also receive the training and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.

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