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Rank Requirements at Home

Typically, only Troop 23 Leaders can sign off on a Scout’s advancement work; however, in this time of social distancing, we are inviting and encouraging parents to sign off on their Scout’s advancements. Requirements provide a great way to keep Scouts learning and for families to work together. We ask that parents follow a few guidelines to make the most of this time and to facilitate our Troop officially recording Scout’s accomplishments at a later date.

  1. If the advancement is well defined and the parent understands what is being asked of the Scout, the parent can act as his leader and have them recite, teach, and/or demonstrate the requirement. In the leader role, parents will want to make sure their Scout has a clear understanding and working knowledge of whatever is called for in the requirement.
  2. If a parent does not feel confident in his or her knowledge and ability to work through certain advancements with their Scout, parents are encouraged to contact any of our troop leaders via email for advice on how to work through the requirement. In addition, there are some helpful YouTube videos posted by various Scout leaders on various knots and cooking requirements; but parents will want to pre-screen to ensure the source is accurate and helpful.
  3. For Scouts working on cooking requirements, parent helpers and family members can step in where requirements call for patrols or patrol members.
  4. Once a Scout has demonstrated an advancement item, and he’s ready for a sign-off, parent helpers are asked not to sign directly in the Scout Handbooks. Instead, parents are asked to keep a separate record of those advancements on this tScout through First Class At Home Requirement Tracking Worksheet.  Troop 23 will collect worksheets once we resume our regular meetings. Alternately, you can e-mail logs to our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Carlson.
  5. Scouts will go over their logs with a leader when we return to regular meetings.
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