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Merit Badges at Summer Camp 2020

We are still gaining an understanding of how CFL will be running the merit badges and programming this year.  Based on the information put out in the Council’s presentation (webinar and CFL-Leader-COVID-Presentation), we believe merit badges will work as follows:

Our Troop’s cohort group will spend 1/2 day (about 3 hours) in each of the 8 available program areas, with merit badges being available in 7 of them, other non-merit badge activities in all of them

Multiple merit badges will be available in each of those 7 areas

We don’t yet know what our cohort’s transitioning/daily schedule will look like for the week

What does this mean for our scouts – how do we proceed?

Realistically it is unlikely that a scout would be able to complete more than one merit badge at each half day session. Scouts should review the CFL REVISED MB Offerings for 2020 and choose a merit badge from each 1/2 day area that they would like to focus on. Scouts should email their choices to our Advancement Chair, and should make sure they have Scout Master approval for their choices.

They should review any known prerequisites to make sure they are completed prior to camp, as well as any other requirements where it looks helpful to get done ahead of time to ensure completeness

On half days areas where there are no activities or merit badges of interest a scout can stay in camp to work on programming offered in our own site

As we gain further understanding of how things will work we will be developing what programming will be offered in camp to supplement the previously planned merit badges, such as cooking, that are no longer offered.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the Camp’s new program plan.  Further information will follow.  In the meantime the scouts can focus on selecting a merit badge from each area and beginning any prerequisites, and forwarding their choices.


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